Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I have to say that BUNKO has been a great thing in my life. If you dont know BUNKO is a dice game played by 12. We win money or a prize, once a year you host and provide the food, house and prize!! Last night was our December BUNKO at Jeannettes and it was great. For the first year in, what, maybe 5 years we did a Christmas exchange. 20 bucks secret Santa. It was soooo much fun. Im suprised at the creativity that came out of our group, you know who the creative ones are but you never see it at work. I got a great Starbucks cup and coffee and am so pleased because now I am in with the crowd. It was a really great time and I am so thankful to have this group of friends that I can truly call friends.
At first we were all new friends, just meeting eachother once a month and getting to know eachother as the years have passed. I think last night was truly a bonding night and it felt good to finally say TRUE FRIENDS-
That may sound wierd but Ive mostly considered these girls just "BUNKO GIRLS" and am close with a few, hang out with some more often and talk to one in particuar every day. But I think as the years have passed we have all grown together and its been great.
There are the sweet ones, the hip ones, the mom type, the so funny you almost pee your pants type, the truthful one, the crafty ones etc. it is a great group, a fantastic group.
Im glad to be a part of it-

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amy said...

I'm glad you're a part of it too!


When it rains.....it pores:)

So here I am visiting the great town of wenatchee- great friends good family and two children! A two year old and a 6 week old. Never have I traveled this far ( 2 1/2 hours) by myself with them and the trip there- fantastic!! Well on the way home I was stopped by a road crew blowing up rocks- 20 minute delay- okay, so we wait the twenty minutes. We pass the flagger and of course it has been 2 hours since I fed the newborn so its time to eat she screams- we make it to the rest stop and POW its closed, so we pull over! Then in the middle of feeding my two year old yells POTTY MOMMY, POTTY MOMMY- great- I say. So I give her the option to go outside- NO WAY so I say " lets put on your sisters diaper and just this one time you can go in a diaper" NO WAY aaaaaaaaaaaa- what do I do...well, there is a fruit stand up the road! So we hop in the car, get to the fruit stand and I plead my case- YES they say, you can use the toilet!!!
okay, I think we are good to go...but of course we get behind three truckers!!!
So long story short our 2 1/2 hour trip ends up taking us almost four and we make it home to a loving husband and father and a batch of peanut butter cookies from the neighbor!
I guess there is always a rainbow at the end of a rainstorm- HUH?