Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution

Well if you read my other post you would see that writing things down whas one of my resolutions!

But my number one resolution is to reconnect with my husband. We havent ever left the children by ourselves- the last time we were together alone was when we were wrapping presents (for the children) if that even counts!

No dates, ever, no outtings, ever!

I think when we had just Zoe we went to a wedding, but only for maybe a couple of hours!

I plan on leaving my children (eventually) and going out with my husband, maybe to get to know him a little better!

Its funny, the day to day routine of him going to work, me staying home, him getting home and then its like robot mode- dinner, bathtime bedtime (even for me!) I barely make it past 8:30 these days.

he told me that until my baby- yes "my baby" sleeps through the night we are just friends-:(
so lets hope that this stage one food helps us get Hannah to sleep through the night, and lets hope those Olive Garden giftcards get some use (childless)

resolution number 1: reconnect

resolution number 2: write more things down about Hannah

resolution number 3: save money!

Miss Hannah

So isnt it funny how when you are pregnant with your very first child everything is new and exciting and you write everything down and you remember the dates and its just amamzing! Well that is how I was with Zoe, the first experience of the kick, the movement, the hiccups, the birth, the smile, the hand to mouth, the toy to mouth, the rolling over etc.

I feel like Ive jipped Hannah- of course I remember those things but havent been as good with writing them down as I was with Zoe-

I was rocking Hannah last night and thinking about how much she has grown and is such a happy baby. She is on the verge of rolling over and I swear that everyday is the day-NOT YET

We started stage one food on Sunday and she loves it, we knew she would due to the fact that she is still always hungry about every two hours!

She is growing, I remember with Zoe how I was scared to death to put her in a high chair and give her real food instead of nursing, and now with Hannah Im itching to get her food so she wont be hungry every five minutes!

I remember that for every little thing I would call a friend (usually Amy P. the mother of three) and ask "WHAT DO I DO?" now I kind of just know (I think)!!!

Anyway, Hannah is a beautiful little girl and soooo dang happy, she loves watching her sister and has finally giggled for me (Ive been waiting!)

She scoots backwards and wont roll over but will twist until she is looking at you dead on!

Its amazing, Zoe is amazing too.

I love my kids!!!
So one of my resolutions this year is to start writing more things down...amoung other things!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So I dont know if any of you noticed, but yesterday it was raining cats and dogs! I think I even felt a paw or two slap my face- what was I doing out in the rain you ask....let me tell you!
So Sunday we got all of our Christmas stuff back in the attic and Zach decided to bring down our garage sale stuff, we decided to take it to goodwill! So he loaded up my car and the plan was first thing to take it to the truck in the mall parking lot and then hit the mall with all my returns!
Well Miss Zoe came down with a 101 temp. Sunday night- Monday we got up and she was still a bit warm but we got bundled and yes headed out into the rain (which felt like The Niagra Falls). We make it to the goodwill and I get out of the car thinking the nice GOODWILL gentleman would say "no worries, Ill unload for you." But oh no, he just stood in the truck and I had to bring everything to him.
My face is dripping with rain, Im completely soaked and well he really didnt care-
So we get finished, I get the kids bundled, covered and into the double stroller (thank goodness for the large rain cover that protected them both) and get into the mall. I get my returns done and head outside for one more major hurricane, and to my suprise IT STOPPED RAINING! I was happy yes, but pretty ticked that I had braved the storm only an hour before when I shouldve waited-URGH
We get home and watch Beauty and The Beat, Tinkerbell and Beauty and The Beast again-Zoe's temperature falls slowly and she seems to be 100% today!
But here I am just trying to figure out what to do with myself, I just CANT get back into the swing of things. I need to clean but Zachs new book is calling my name. For all of those that know me: I DONT READ but I am obsessed with true crime, Ann Rule MY FAV. I know true crime is gross and disgusting but I LOVE IT!
So read a book, clean the house, eat some of my yummy Christmas chocolate or watch Peter Pan.....mmmmm
anyway I think Ill be heading for the book ( and some chocolate)!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I wanted to just choose a few of my favorites but couldnt, so here are alot of pictures from our holiday that was spent in Wenatchee with all of our family!

Miss Hannah with aunt Sarah!
Zoe and Trixie

We went to my Grandma Dees house for Christmas Eve, it was great and all of my moms side of the family came! My Grandma decorated her tree and called it "The Key to our Merry Christmas" there are some shots down below

She set the tree on a table with all of our pictures and some old keys that were my grandpas! Very cool!

Here are the cookies and note to Santa, I went to bed with Hannah and Zoe put them out with her dad, aunt Sarah and uncle Justin

Here is the tree Christmas morning at the Wilkinson house, you couldnt even reach the tree, it took us about 2 hours to open presents.....Zoe had to take a break and went upstairs and played by herself for a while!

Here is the gift we gave the Wilkinsons (Zachs sister) we had to do a creative gift for around 25 bucks! We took pictures of different objects on the shape of their last name- pretty creative (I must say!!)

And of course here is the infamous jeep!
Sarah and Justin got Zoe her first car- Now she can say that she has been driving since she was TWO!
And yes we were able to fit it in the car with everything else!

A family photo, my child had her tongue out in every single one:)

Last but not least a great shot of Zoe playing with her jewelry and her ponies, she hasnt taken the rings off since we went to see my dad and she has all of her purses filled with necklaces and rings and chapstick!

All and all it was a great Christmas (all four of them) we were overjoyed with the gifts and Zoe had an amazing time, we couldnt have asked for a better holiday!
Im really glad to be back though and Im trying to get back into the swing of things!
Next up the new year, and planning for my bunko party!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The weather is so delightful!

So as Im sitting here drinking coffee out of my new mug (thanks elizabethanie) I thought I would post some great pictures!

Hannah looking ever so delightful! I can never catch a smile, but a suprised look is always great!

Zoe opening her Ariel doll! Beth and I were at target and saw these dolls and Zoe is in love with that movie at the I couldnt resist! What is just one more Christmas present- RIGHT?
I also couldnt wait to give it to her, so here she is opening it up!
Oh...she even slept with the thing last night, I dont think she even moved becuase it just lay there right in her arms!

Here they are outside, Zoe watched as daddy shoveled and even went sledding down our hill! I thought the sled was for Zoe but Zach took advantage of the snow as well! Here are some action shots of him and all that snow! ENJOY

Ready, Set, GO


Anyway, wishing you all a Merry Christmas, off to Wenatchee tomorrow to see all the grandparents and family we could possibly see! Hopefully the roads are okay and everything goes smoothly!
Im looking forward to treats at my Grams house and I think Zach is looking forward to a DQ hamburger!
Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2008

one of those days.....or weeks

So here is our little measurer that says how much it has snowed......
So I wasnt planning on blogging today, due to the fact that nothing exciting has been going on- but there have been a plenty of annoying things going on and I wanted to share them with everyone!
Lets start off with earlier this week. Thanks to the snow some guy pulled out in front of me, not even trying to stomp on his brakes and cut me off! I almost started crying, I laid on the horn and used some chose words (luckily Zoe didnt hear me) and drove behind him for the next few blocks livid at the fact that it had been snowing and NO ONE- I mean NO ONE in the Tri-cities know how to drive in the snow except the few from Wenatchee URGH!
So after this guy finally turns off I proceed to the mall to do some last minute shopping Im driving a long I hit a bird....No wait- A bird came barrelling at my windshield at 40 mph and yes I DUCKED! Slowely (after some more chose words) I look in my rearview only to see the thing almost hit the car behind me and KAPLAT.....fall to the ground!
So the week takes a turn and we have a pretty good day yesterday- except my 4 month old hasnt pooped in a couple days.......I gave her some tummy drops last night and well...THEY WORKED!!!
Lets start off with this morning, my two year old was up at the butt-crack...No news there! Well we get up and we have a 20 minute meltdown. All she wanted to do was watch a movie. Go me, I held my ground and said no, she finally calmed down and while I showered she got her movie!
We bundled up, snow boots and all and ventured to Walmart. Everything went well, we went to target due to the poor selection of coloring books across the street. Then it happens....I hear a little toot. Okay, she pooped (I think) we finish at Target with a paint book (bad selection of coloring books there as well) and hop in the car. Zoe falls asleep. We make it home with no problem, I hop out get Zoe unbundled and into bed, go and grab Hannah bring her in, grab the groceries and bring them in.
OH...I forgot....Hannah pooped.
I get her out of the carseat crossing my toes and fingers that it didnt (it meaning the poop) manage to go up the back.
Up the back, stained the carseat smells to high heaven POOP.
Okay, so I get her jeans off and get her in the tub- clean and smelling baby fresh, she falls asleep ( Im sure do to all the excitement) and I crawl into bed enjoying a few minutes of two little girls sleeping!
So we manage to get some sleep ( all of us) and enjoy a little peace and quiet, then the phone rings 15 times and we have to get up!
Now to occupy my two year old with something, while my 4 month old just wants to be held!
All I wanted to do was make cookies today but Ill have to wait for my husband to get home!
At least he put the dishes away last night, I truly have been waiting (for a couple of days) for them to magically put themselves away in the cupboard!
Here are some pictures of somethings that have been a little helpful today....

pretend cookies from the tide Zoe over!

Bruizer- not helpful but occupied

The bouncy chair, for about 5 minutes

Okay so that ends the wrath of the Grinch!
Good tiddings to all

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So what a busy couple of days!

I had to get at least one shot of Miss Hannah!

We recieved our first Christmas present in the mail and it was torn so we let Zoe rip it open....It was a little vet carrier with all the equipment to play vet with the puppy! Very appropriate and she loved it!

We also recieved a gift pack for the fam from the Hakensens with these lovely scarfs! Perfect for this wonderful weather and totally matches my coat!
Thanks Jenni

Getting ready for the bi-annual cookie decorating party at the Purvis house! Here are some shots of all the fun!

Decorating cookies, yum lots of chocolate chips!

Oh isnt this cute.....we will have lots more of these Im sure......Beth and I have been friends since we were 15 now our kids can say they have been friends their entire lives- great memories!


Thanks for a great time Amy, too much fun and cant wait to do it again!

Monday, December 15, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Okay, so this weekend was pretty busy. Not only did I come down with another cold but we all (meaning my husband and I) finished our Christmas shopping and managed to get it done in a couple of hours...he went with Zoe and I went with Hannah!
On Sunday grandma and grandpa Meenach came down! Bringing with them a new sled for Miss Zoe! Perfect timing due to the wonderful windy and freezing snow drifts!
Zach ran out Sat. just before they arrived and got through walmart- (suprisingly)he went to get Zoe some new snow boots!
Of course the 10 dollar ones he wanted were over-ruled by the 20 dollar "PRINCESS BOOT", need I say more!!!!!!!
So here is a shot of the "boots" and some great shots of Zoe sledding with grandpa and the puppies!

Heading out the door with Tica in tow......
Grandpa was pulling Zoe up our HUGE sledding hill (we knew that hill would be good for something!) anyway, we told her to hold on. She apparently didnt get the memo and proceded to slide off the sled!

I just thought this was some good camera skills on my part- great picture RIGHT?

Down she went, the puppies had to ride too, but as you can see one bailed at the last second...I believe that is the girl dog in the boy sweater! The little boy is still a bit tiny so Jeanne has him in the smaller pink sweater!

Oh my cheeser! So cute

Anyway, that was our fun snow filled weekend, hope everyone enjoyed theirs and just think only 11 days till Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I was inspired by my friend Amy over at "the Mommy Chronicles" to take pictures of some of my favorite Christmas decorations!
Here goes!
Well I collect snowglobes and even though I tried be creative with my camera this is the only shot I could come up with-

This is my favorite snowglobe that my grandma gave me the year before last of my grandpa and of the onyl pictures I have

Here is my pickle- Doesnt everyone have one?

My grandpa carved this santa

I also collect snowmen and this one is my favorite- broken and all!

I hope I have inspired you to show some of your favorite decorations!

When it pores:)

So here I am visiting the great town of wenatchee- great friends good family and two children! A two year old and a 6 week old. Never have I traveled this far ( 2 1/2 hours) by myself with them and the trip there- fantastic!! Well on the way home I was stopped by a road crew blowing up rocks- 20 minute delay- okay, so we wait the twenty minutes. We pass the flagger and of course it has been 2 hours since I fed the newborn so its time to eat she screams- we make it to the rest stop and POW its closed, so we pull over! Then in the middle of feeding my two year old yells POTTY MOMMY, POTTY MOMMY- great- I say. So I give her the option to go outside- NO WAY so I say " lets put on your sisters diaper and just this one time you can go in a diaper" NO WAY aaaaaaaaaaaa- what do I do...well, there is a fruit stand up the road! So we hop in the car, get to the fruit stand and I plead my case- YES they say, you can use the toilet!!!
okay, I think we are good to go...but of course we get behind three truckers!!!
So long story short our 2 1/2 hour trip ends up taking us almost four and we make it home to a loving husband and father and a batch of peanut butter cookies from the neighbor!
I guess there is always a rainbow at the end of a rainstorm- HUH?