Thursday, June 17, 2010

GOOD start

Well weve started the summer off with some great things.
I started back to work and Zachs cousin is currently coming down three days a week to take care of the girls. WOW, wish she was available forever. The girls are sooooo happpy, they nap for a great nap when I am home and she is so helpful!
We also got a new dog. I wont admit that she is mine because I was against her.
Here she is MILEY. She is great with the girls, although still has those baby teeth, she has really taken to Hannah as well as Hannah to her!
We also started swimming lessons for Zoe. The first day was awful, she had a pouty face the entire time and even a melt down during lessons.
Day two and three went great, we skipped today due to the weather but will be back tomorrow.

Here is Nikki (our sitter) and Zoe waiting patiently

After swim lessons on the first day Zach suprised us....check out that sad face

And here is a shot I got to show how tiny Zoe is, they have this great kiddy pool where the deep end hits around the armpits, except on my child it hits about her shoulders:)

starting off to a fun filled much more to come!!
Most exciting....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Here are only a few of my favorite photos....
It didnt let me load them all so there will be another post soon...
Thursday morning the family took off for what turned out to be a 1500 mile drive!!
It was amazing.
Our first stop was Crater Lake, what we didnt realize was that due to snow the park was still closed.
We continued on to Medford for the night and started our journey again the next day reaching California.
We stayed in a little house with a kitchen, three beds, fireplace, huge yard with bad-mitten and a hot tub.
We then traveled downt he Avenue of the Giants and enjoyed some breathtaking trees....

The little park also had a gondola ride.
It was included in the price and was once again, wonderful!
Zoe loved it, which shocked me.
She wanted to ride it again and again, the view was great and we couldnt have asked for better weather.

These are the cathederal trees-
amazing, they grow in a group side by side.
They have ones that are so big and weddings take place there.

In the trees of mystery they had all sourts of animals carved from a tree, this was cute and I told Zoe to pretend like she was picking its nose!!

we managed to eat lunch in our car everyday, so here is a shot of the girls enjoying lunch!

We also stopped at a couple of beaches, this one was way out of site and took us forever to get too, it was windy but gorgeous.

After our long journey to that beach we ran into a little victorian town and enjoyed some chocolate ice cream.

I love this shot of the two

We also hit the sea lion was great, the girls had a blast and the smell was like no other:)

Last stop was the Zoo. As we were heading there it was raining like crazy, I was hoping that the animals would be out.
Just our luck it stopped raining and we were able to see all of the animals playing, including the new lion they have, WOW.
Hannahs favorite were the bears.

The end of the day and the girls went to pick out their souviner.
Zoe chose a stuffed deer. We saw soooo many on the side of the road. Hannah chose an elephant.

We had an amazing journey and enjoyed every minute of it!!!

When it pores:)

So here I am visiting the great town of wenatchee- great friends good family and two children! A two year old and a 6 week old. Never have I traveled this far ( 2 1/2 hours) by myself with them and the trip there- fantastic!! Well on the way home I was stopped by a road crew blowing up rocks- 20 minute delay- okay, so we wait the twenty minutes. We pass the flagger and of course it has been 2 hours since I fed the newborn so its time to eat she screams- we make it to the rest stop and POW its closed, so we pull over! Then in the middle of feeding my two year old yells POTTY MOMMY, POTTY MOMMY- great- I say. So I give her the option to go outside- NO WAY so I say " lets put on your sisters diaper and just this one time you can go in a diaper" NO WAY aaaaaaaaaaaa- what do I do...well, there is a fruit stand up the road! So we hop in the car, get to the fruit stand and I plead my case- YES they say, you can use the toilet!!!
okay, I think we are good to go...but of course we get behind three truckers!!!
So long story short our 2 1/2 hour trip ends up taking us almost four and we make it home to a loving husband and father and a batch of peanut butter cookies from the neighbor!
I guess there is always a rainbow at the end of a rainstorm- HUH?